It was at the end of World War II when the Greek immigrant John Proferis, came to Alabama and created his unique blend of spices, herbs and oils to make his “famous” dressing. He served “angel hair” sliced cabbage on a plate and let the customers put the dressing on for themselves. It was an immediate success and the tradition began of slicing cabbage “angel hair” thin and topping it with this unique orange, sweet and tangy salad dressing – known as John’s Famous® Angel Hair Slaw Dressing.

Over the next several decades, customers requested and were able to buy the dressing in paper cups, plastic cups and even empty catsup bottles in an ever-increasing number. In the late ‘80’s Joe Bruno (a long time patron and family friend) suggested they start bottling the dressing. In 1990 John Proferis’s great nephews, Tom and Pete Hontzas, formed Hontzas Brothers Foods and began manufacturing and distributing the dressing to grocery stores and restaurants.

Still made to exacting standards with the highest quality ingredients, the dressing is more popular today than ever. The loyalty of our customers is great and word of mouth is what has caused us to go from a handful of stores in 1990 to one of the top selling salad dressings in our market. It is delicious on lettuce, cabbage, raw vegetables, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, French fries, sandwiches, wings, etc… Some people call it John’s Dressing, some people call it John’s Slaw Dressing, some people call it John’s Famous Dressing, some people call it John’s Sauce, etc… But regardless of what people call it they all agree that it taste delicious!

We have the results from several surveys we have conducted and we have compiled a list of the top things (besides slaw and salads) that people use our dressing on. Please check it out. You will also see that we have recipes that our customers have sent in to us. So please try them out and let us know how you like them and also let us know how you like to use the John’s Famous® Dressing.

Ask for us by name wherever you shop or dine! John’s Famous® Dressing coming soon to a restaurant or grocery store near you.

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